Definition of Caribbean language

1. Noun. The family of languages spoken by the Carib.

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Literary usage of Caribbean language

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New by Alexander von Humboldt, Aimé Bonpland (1826)
"The Caribbean language is consequently the most general in this part of the world; it has even passed (like the language of the ..."

2. A General Biographical Dictionaryby John Gorton by John Gorton (1851)
"He was the author of a catechism in the Caribbean language, printed at Auxerre in 1664; and of a French and Caribbean dictionary, with historical remarks on ..."

3. The Spanish Conquest in America: And Its Relation to the History of Slavery by Arthur Helps, Michael Oppenheim (1900)
"3 Before reaching Darien, they entered the harbour of Santa Martha on the mainland, where Colmenares (who knew something of the Caribbean language), ..."

4. The History of British Guiana: Comprising a General Description of the by Henry G. Dalton (1855)
"Edwards, reasoning on the word hammock, thinks it derived from the Caribbean language. Bolingbroke from the Dutch " Hang-mat. ..."

5. Private Libraries of New York by James Wynne (1860)
"... Paris, 1659, containing a vocabulary of the Caribbean language, and a translation of the same into English, by John Davis, London, 1666; ..."

6. Colombia: Being a Geographical, Statistical, Agricultural, Commercial, and by Walker, Alexander (1822)
"Humboldt was surprised at not finding in the Chay- * A word of the Caribbean language. The perizoma of the Indians of the Orinoco, is rallier a band than an ..."

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