Definition of Carter administration

1. Noun. The executive under President Carter.

Generic synonyms: Executive

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Literary usage of Carter administration

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Syria and the Middle East Peace Process by Alasdair Drysdale, Raymond A. Hinnebusch (1991)
"When the Carter administration came into office, apparently committed to achieving a ... The Carter administration The Carter administration, believing that ..."

2. Defense Policy in the Reagan Administration edited by William P. Snyder, James Brown (1997)
"It is therefore necessary to outline the Carter administration's policies ... The Carter administration's Presidential Directive 13 specified that controls ..."

3. Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran/Contra Affair by Lee H. Hamilton, Daniel K. Inouye (1995)
"If the Carter administration did not openly embrace the Sandinistas, ... The Carter Administration accepted the fact that the United States was in ..."

4. India and the United States: Estranged Democracies, 1941-1991 by Dennis Kux (1994)
"Given the dramatic change in the strategic environment after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Carter administration officials listened to the Indians, ..."

5. Defense Conversion: Redirecting R&D by DIANE Publishing Company (1993)
"Already in the Carter administration, the amounts spent (in constant dollars) for defense projects in the weapons labs were rising from the low point of the ..."

6. Blunting the Sword: Budget Policy and the Future of Defense by Dennis S. Ippolito (1995)
"Weakened by events and perceptions it could not control, the Carter administration was further hamstrung in its efforts to forge a post-Vietnam defense ..."

7. NATO's Future: Toward a New Transatlantic Bargain by Stanley R. Sloan (1995)
"The Carter administration, motivated as it was by ideals close to those prominent ... The evangelism which appeared to inspire Carter administration human ..."

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