Definition of Cassettes

1. Noun. (plural of cassette) ¹

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Definition of Cassettes

1. cassette [n] - See also: cassette

Literary usage of Cassettes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. U. S. Industrial Outlook, 1994: Business Forecasts for 350 IndustriesBusiness & Economics (1994)
"Suppliers of video programming offer cassettes which retailers rent and sell. ... on video cassettes and only 22 percent preferred to go to a theater. ..."

2. Niosh Manual of Analytical Methods: Sampling and Analytical Methods for ...edited by Peter M. Eller edited by Peter M. Eller (1994)
"NOTE: If ambient temperature is above 23 °C, use two filter cassettes connected ... Separate front and backup filter cassettes (if two cassettes were used). ..."

3. Novel Systems for the Study of Human Disease: From Basic Research to by OECD Staff, (Paris) Organisation for Economic Co-ope, SourceOECD (Online service) (1998)
"B. Recombination between the truncated cassettes stimulated by Cre restores Hprt function and gives HAT resistance in Hprt deficient cells. ..."

4. United States Army X-ray Manual by United States Surgeon-General's Office (1918)
"Filling Envelopes and Cassettes.—X-ray plates are used either in envelopes or in plate-holders, called cassettes. It is quite essential that in regular work ..."

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