Definition of Chabad

1. Noun. A large missionary Hasidic movement known for their hospitality, technological expertise, optimism and emphasis on religious study.

Exact synonyms: Chabad-lubavitch, Lubavitch, Lubavitch Movement
Generic synonyms: Religious Movement
Member holonyms: Lubavitcher

2. Noun. A form of Hasidism practiced by Lithuanian and Russian Jews under communist rule; the beliefs and practices of the Lubavitch movement.
Exact synonyms: Chabad Hasidism
Generic synonyms: Chasidism, Chassidism, Hasidism, Hassidism

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Literary usage of Chabad

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. International Religious Freedom (2000): Report to Congress by the Department edited by Barbara Larkin (2001)
"The lack of recognition did not have a direct impact on Chabad Lubavich ... The Chabad Lubavich operates a school (kindergarten through 12th grade), ..."

2. The Jewish Travel Guide by Betsy Sheldon (2001)
"H 33 Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, 6735 Telegraph Rd., q Bais Chabad, 28000 Middlebelt Rd., Farmington Hills, -a 248- 737-7000. ..."

3. El Misterio Del 17 De Tamuz: Claves hebreas antiguas para fechar la gran by Herbert R. Stollorz (2006)
"Usé el programa de conversión del sitio web Chabad-Lubavitch,4 para determinar que el 2018 dC corresponde al año judío 5778. Entonces Dios en su gracia me ..."

4. The Literary Remains of ... C.F.T.D. by Charles F. Tyrwhitt Drake (1877)
"The Chabad are a community by themselves. In all matters which come before the ... The Chabad take their name from the initial letters of the words njn NJ'2 ..."

5. Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism by Moses Hess (1918)
"The disciples of this philosopher call themselves Chabad (a word that is formed from the initials of three Hebrew words, ..."

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