Definition of Cooper's hawk

1. Noun. Bluish-grey North American hawk having a darting flight.

Exact synonyms: Accipiter Cooperii, Blue Darter
Generic synonyms: Hawk
Group relationships: Accipiter, Genus Accipiter

Definition of Cooper's hawk

1. Noun. A medium-sized hawk found from Canada to northern Mexico. ¹

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Literary usage of Cooper's hawk

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of Vermont: Natural, Civil and Statistical, in Three Parts, with an by Zadock Thompson (1853)
"COOPER S HAWK. THE MARSH HAWK- THE LARGE-FOOTED HAWK. Falco peregrinas.— GMEL. DESCRIPTION.— Head and hind neck grayish bluck, tinged with blue ; the rest ..."

2. Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction: Submitting Outline Plan by Virginia Dept. of public instruction (1911)
"Fully entitled to protection, since its destruction of meadow- mice and other rodents makes it one of our most valuable birds. 11, COOPER"S HAWK ..."

3. ...Nature-study Agriculture: A Textbook for Beginners by William Thompson Skilling (1920)
"Among these are three members of the hawk family, the Cooper,s hawk (Fig. 183), the sharp-shinned hawk, and the goshawk. These are so destructive to other ..."

4. The American Amateur Photographer (1901)
"COOPER S HAWK ON NEST. PHOTOGRAPHED FROM AB;)VE. FIG. 2. BURROWING OWL, GUARDING ENTRANCE lo BURROW. it to the tripod; a screw-bolt about a foot long, ..."

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