Definition of Cucumis melo

1. Noun. Any of several varieties of vine whose fruit has a netted rind and edible flesh and a musky smell.

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Literary usage of Cucumis melo

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Materia medica of the Hindus: Compiled from Sanskrit Medical Works by Udoy Chand Dutt (1877)
"Remove the syrup from the fire and add to it the following substances, namely, liquorice root, cucumber seeds, the seeds of Cucumis melo ..."

2. Monks' Cookbook by Himalayan Academy, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (1997)
"MELONS, Cucumis melo Sweet and cooling, melons calm väta and pitta but may provoke kapha. Melons have a diuretic action. The rind can help with rashes and ..."

3. The Plants of the Bible by John Hutton Balfour (1885)
"(Cucumis melo, Linn.) "We remember...the cucumbers and the melons."—NUM. xi. ... The plant referred to is the Cucumis melo of botanists, the common melon; ..."

4. Origin of Cultivated Plants by Alphonse de Candolle (1884)
"Cucumis melo was once perhaps, like Citrullus Colocynthis of the same family, ... M. Boissier does not include Cucumis melo in his Oriental flora. ..."

5. Useful Plants of Japan Described and Illustrated by Dai Nihon Nōkai (1895)
"Hime-uri, Mikan-uri; a melon allied to Cucumis melo (247). It has the size of a swan's egg, and is eaten either raw or boiled. 137. b. ..."

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