Definition of Cuminum

1. Noun. Cumin.

Exact synonyms: Genus Cuminum
Generic synonyms: Rosid Dicot Genus
Group relationships: Apiaceae, Carrot Family, Family Apiaceae, Family Umbelliferae, Umbelliferae
Terms within: Cumin, Cuminum Cyminum

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Literary usage of Cuminum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Practical Flora for Schools and Colleges by Oliver Rivington Willis (1894)
"Cuminum, L. Calyx-teeth bristle-like, persistent, the outer ones longer. ... The exact home of Cuminum CYMINUM (Cumin). this plant is not known; ..."

2. The Microscopy of Vegetable Foods: With Special Reference to the Detection by Andrew Lincoln Winton, Josef Moeller, Kate Grace Barber Winton (1916)
"Cumin (Cuminum Cyminum). a fruit, natural size; b dorsal side of fruit, enlarged; c commissural side of fruit, enlarged; d cross section. (HAGER. ..."

3. Bibliotheca Therapeutica, Or, Bibliography of Therapeutics: Chiefly in by Edward John Waring (1878)
"Chir, Rev., Jan., 1867, p. 248-50; and Dublin Quart. Journ. Med. Sci., Feb., 1869, p. 189 et seq. Vide also " Antiaris." Cuminum CYMINUM, Linn. Cumin. 1733. ..."

4. The Plants of the Bible by John Hutton Balfour (1885)
"This mode CUMMIN —(Cuminum cyminum.) of preparation is required in the case of cummin, the fruit of which is easily separated by a light shake; ..."

5. Monks' Cookbook by Himalayan Academy, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (1997)
"CUMIN SEEDS, Cuminum cyminum Cumin seed is another prevalent herb in Indian cooking. The seeds are aromatic and pungent. Acclaimed as an herb of the stomach ..."

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