Definition of Doroteo Arango

1. Noun. Mexican revolutionary leader (1877-1923).

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Literary usage of Doroteo Arango

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Benighted Mexico by Randolph Wellford Smith (1916)
"Villa's name is really Doroteo Arango. He was born in the village of San Juan Dol Rio in Durango. He passed his early youth tending his mother's goats—a ..."

2. Mexico's Pacific Coast by Vivien Lougheed (2004)
"THE LIFE & TIMES OF PANCHO VILLA Francisco Villa was born on June 6, 1878, as Doroteo Arango Arambula. He adopted his grandfather's name, Villa. ..."

3. Mexico's Gulf Coast by Joanie Sanchez (2004)
"Two revolutionaries rose to the challenge - revolutionary (and bandit) Doroteo Arango (aka Pancho Villa) with rebels in the north and revolutionary Emiliano ..."

4. Strategic Assessment 1997: Flashpoints and Force Structure by Hans A. Binnendijk, Patrick Clawson (1997)
"... the Partido Revolucionario Institu- cional (PRI), harking back to the era when Doroteo Arango (aka Pancho Villa), Venus- tiano Carranza, and Emiliano ..."

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