Definition of Drambuie

1. Noun. A sweet Scotch whisky liqueur.

Definition of Drambuie

1. Noun. A Scottish honey-flavoured whiskey liqueur ¹

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Literary usage of Drambuie

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History of the Counties of Ayr and Wigton by James Paterson (1866)
"John Patrick, youngest son of Robert Patrick of Waterside, acquired the lands of Drambuie, which lie adjacent to Waterside, in the lordship of Giffen. ..."

2. Urquhart and Glenmoriston: Olden Times in a Highland Parish by William Mackay (1893)
"The men were accordingly got together on 8th October, and such as consented to go to Strathspey marched as far as Drambuie, where they were stopped by ..."

3. Proceedings by Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh (1883)
"George Muirhead, Esq., Paxton, procured a nest of the blackcap and the two old birds in June 1867 in the game covert near Drambuie, and they are now in his ..."

4. History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway: With Historical Sketches by Peter Handyside M'Kerlie (1906)
"... had sasine of the lands of Drambuie. He married Mora' Charteris on the 6th November, 1752, and Moravia (Mum Charteris, spouse to Patrick M'Kie of ..."

5. The Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway: Their "forebears" and Friends, Their by Andrew Agnew (1893)
"I at the same time saw William M'Beatt in Drambuie standing on the stairhead with a sabre in his hand, also Simon Guthrie, apprentice to John ..."

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