Definition of Elaeocarpaceae

1. Noun. Genus of trees and shrubs widely distributed in warm regions some yielding useful timber; in some classifications included in the family Santalaceae.

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Literary usage of Elaeocarpaceae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Morphology of Angiosperms: (Morphology of Spermatophytes. Part II) by John Merle Coulter, Charles Joseph Chamberlain (1903)
"This includes Elaeocarpaceae ... but it is so closely related to Parie- tales through Elaeocarpaceae and ..."

2. The Indigenous Trees of the Hawaiian Islands by Joseph Francis Charles Rock (1913)
"Elaeocarpaceae. The family Elaeocarpaceae is rather small, consisting of only seven genera, with somewhat more than 120 species. It is distributed over the ..."

3. The Plant World by Plant World Association, Wild Flower Preservation Society (U.S.) (1915)
"Elaeocarpaceae. Aristotelia L'Her. (9-11): 3-4 in New Zealand, 1 in Tasmania, 2 in Australia, 1 in New Guinea, 1 in New Hebrides, ..."

4. Essentials of College Botany by Charles Edwin Bessey, Ernst Athearn Bessey (1914)
"Family 76. Tiliaceae. Lindens. Mostly trees and shrubs; flowers regular with free stamens.—Tilia. Family 77. Elaeocarpaceae; 78 ..."

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