Definition of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

1. Noun. United States suffragist and feminist; called for reform of the practices that perpetuated sexual inequality (1815-1902).

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Literary usage of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mind (1902)
"BY Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The firbt step toward a true civilization is to teach woman self-respect; to demand justice, liberty, and equality in all ..."

2. Eminent Women of the Age: Being Narratives of the Lives and Deeds of the by James Parton (1868)
"Elizabeth Cady Stanton. BY THEODORE TILTON. watched an artist while he tried to transfer to his canvas the lustre of a precious stone. ..."

3. The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony: Including Public Addresses, Her Own by Ida Husted Harper (1908)
"To vast multitudes the name of Elizabeth Cady Stanton does not mean so much a person as a standard inscribed with great principles. ..."

4. The Anti-slavery History of the John-Brown Year: Being the Twenty-seventh by American Anti-Slavery Society (1861)
"The meeting was next addressed by ROBERT PURVIS, Esq., of Pennsylvania; afterwards by Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, of Seneca Falls, NY ; and, in conclusion, ..."

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