Definition of Equivalences

1. Noun. (plural of equivalence) ¹

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Definition of Equivalences

1. equivalence [n] - See also: equivalence

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Literary usage of Equivalences

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cambridge Colloquium 1916 by Griffith Conrad Evans, Oswald Veblen (1918)
"Equivalences and Homologies 28. The operation of combining two elements of a group which is called multiplication in the sections above can equally well be ..."

2. Electromagnetic Theory by Oliver Heaviside (1893)
"... is purely divergent, but D^/r has curl; or, Oi is circuital, whilst VDi.'r has divergence, and so on. Integration "by parts." Energy Equivalences in the ..."

3. Life in Mind & Conduct: Studies of Organic in Human Nature by Henry Maudsley (1902)
"... like equivalent parts in machinery— Difficulties of substitution of mental equivalences—Men commonly reason from accepted premisses, without testing the ..."

4. Elementary Geometry: Plane by James McMahon (1903)
"... then the sum of the squares on the unequal parts exceeds twice their rectangle by four times the square on the intermediate segment. Equivalences ..."

5. Transactions of the Philological Society by Philological Society (Great Britain). (1887)
"Equivalences of sound in the Fang-yen. 55. Equivalences between Chinese and ... Chronology of equivalences. 61. Its contente and dialectal bearing. 60. ..."

6. Electric Oscillations and Electric Waves: With Application to by George Washington Pierce (1920)
"Let us next suppose that the emf is impressed, not on Circuit I, but on Circuit II, and let us call the equivalences in this case backward equivalences, ..."

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