Definition of Foundries

1. Noun. (plural of foundry) ¹

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Definition of Foundries

1. foundry [n] - See also: foundry

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Literary usage of Foundries

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Engineering Index Annual for by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1909)
"Auger Making MACHINE WORKS AND Foundries Auger Making. ... See Screw Machines, under MACHINE WORKS AND Foundries ; and Chain Driving, under POWER AND ..."

2. Handbook of Building Construction: Data for Architects, Designing and by George Albert Hool, Nathan Clarke Johnson (1920)
"Foundries.—Much of the manual labor formerly required in foundries has been displaced by modern machinery ... In iron and steel foundries the pig iron and ..."

3. The Mechanical Engineer's Pocket-book: A Reference Book of Rules, Tables by William Kent (1902)
"Cupola Charges In Stove-foundries. (Iron Age, April 14, 1892.) No two cupolas are charged exactly the same. The amount of fuel on the bed or between the ..."

4. Second Report of the Factory Investigating Commission, 1913 by George Moses Price, James P. Whiskeman, Elizabeth C. Watson, Zenas L. Potter, Charles Baskerville, Charles F. McKenna, Charles T. Graham Rogers, John H. Vogt, George A. Hall, Pauline Dorothea Goldmark (1913)
"Brass, iron and steel foundries. 1. Foundries shall be subject to all the provisions ... All entrances to foundries shall be so constructed and maintained ..."

5. Liquid Steel: Its Manufacture and Cost by David Carnegie, Sidney C. Gladwyn (1913)
"Sizes between J ton and 2 tons are found in several foundries. I-TON SURFACE-BLOWN CONVERTER PLANT General Description.—One-ton plants are designed and ..."

6. A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels in by John Pinkerton (1809)
"Average Profits which Government draws from the Mines, Foundries, and Duties. 1. The moil ancient gold mine in the Ruffian empire is that of ..."

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