Definition of Galvani

1. Noun. Italian physiologist noted for his discovery that frogs' muscles contracted in an electric field (which led to the galvanic cell) (1737-1798).

Exact synonyms: Luigi Galvani
Generic synonyms: Physiologist

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Literary usage of Galvani

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lawyers' Reports Annotated by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company (1909)
"He states that Galvani said that he (Galvani) did not have any authority in that line ... Mr. Galvani positively denies that Mr. Reid was introduced to him, ..."

2. New Conversations on Chemistry: Adapted to the Present State of that Science by Thomas P. Jones, Marcet (Jane Haldimand) (1832)
"Thousands of persons might have witnessed the fact noticed by Galvani, ... Galvani was a professor of the university of Bologna, and about the year 1790 was ..."

3. A History of England from the Conclusion of the Great War in 1815 by Spencer Walpole (1890)
"At the end of the last century Galvani, an Italian professor, noticed that the leg of a dead ... A compatriot of Galvani, Volta, hearing of the discovery, ..."

4. Popular Lectures on Science and Art: Delivered in the Principal Cities and by Dionysius Lardner (1846)
"Accidental Discovery of the Effect of Metallic Contact—Animal Electricity.—Galvani Opposed by Volta.—Volta's Theory of Contact Pro- vails. ..."

5. An Introduction to Human Physiology by Augustus Désiré Waller (1893)
"K CHAPTER XI * ANIMAL ELECTRICITY Galvani—Volta—Du Bois-Reymond—Hermann. ... From the outset Galvani asserted the existence of animal currents, ..."

6. The Forces of Nature: A Popular Introduction to the Study of Physical Phenomena by Amédée Guillemin (1873)
"Experiments of Galvani and discoveries of Volta ... Galvani, a learned doctor and Professor of Anatomy in the University of Bologna, was one evening, ..."

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