Definition of God knows how

1. Adverb. By some means not understood by the speaker. "God knows how he did it, but he did climbed that steep wall"

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Literary usage of God knows how

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Good Words by Norman Macleod (1873)
"God knows how fair a face can show Flush'd in the golden evening's glow. I mind the day the news was told, And how the village heard the tale,- Just as he ..."

2. The Works of Nathanael Emmons ...: With a Memoir of His Life by Nathanael Emmons (1842)
"God knows how often and how much they have refused to obey his commands, his gracious invitations, his kind admonitions, and his awful threatenings. ..."

3. Vision: A Magazine for Youth (1888)
"God knows how passionate, but unavailing, were my kisses on her cheek and lips ... God knows how wild were my prayers that she might know, if but only once, ..."

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