Definition of Grenadian

1. Noun. A native or inhabitant of Grenada.

Group relationships: Grenada
Generic synonyms: West Indian

2. Adjective. Of or relating to or characteristic of Grenada or its inhabitants. "The Grenadian capital"
Partainyms: Grenada
Derivative terms: Grenada

Definition of Grenadian

1. Noun. A person from Grenada or of Grenadian descent. ¹

2. Adjective. Of, from, or pertaining to Grenada, the Grenadian people or the Grenadian language. ¹

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Literary usage of Grenadian

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The State of the Union: Being a Complete Documentary History of the Public (1855)
"... New Grenadian commissioners, and civil engineers, that it was most expedient to follow the river on which we .then were. We were inclined to believe ..."

2. A Year in Spain by Alexander Slidell Mackenzie (1836)
"Opposite to these is the armour of Abou-Abdallah, or Boabdil, whom the Spaniards have surnamed Chico, the last of the Grenadian kings, and who was by turns ..."

3. Caribbean Basin Financing Opportunities: Guide to Financing Trade (1992)
"Non-Grenadian nationals must obtain Ministry of Finance approval to access bank financing. Commercial lending is offered on a short- to long-term basis. ..."

4. The Panama Canal: Its History, Its Political Aspects, and Financial Difficulties by José Carlos Rodrigues (1885)
"... including those of the part of the Grenadian territory generally denominated Isthmus of Panama, from its southernmost extremity until the boundary of ..."

5. A History of the Siege of Gibraltar: With a Description and Account of that by John Drinkwater (1839)
"The inhabitants, however, not relishing the government of then- new masters, unanimously revolted the following year against the Grenadian alcaide, ..."

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