Definition of Internationalise

1. Verb. Put under international control. "Internationalize trade of certain drugs"

Exact synonyms: Internationalize
Generic synonyms: Command, Control
Derivative terms: Internationalisation, Internationalization

2. Verb. Make international in character. "We internationalized the committee"
Exact synonyms: Internationalize
Generic synonyms: Alter, Change, Modify

Definition of Internationalise

1. Verb. To make something international; to involve multiple nations. ¹

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Literary usage of Internationalise

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Globalisation and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). by Chris Hall, Marie-Florence Estimé, Anna Creti (1997)
"Normally, this would suggest strong strategic planning; however, in many cases an SME takes the first step to internationalise as a result of a fortuitous ..."

2. Macmillan's Magazine by David Masson, George Grove, John Morley, Mowbray Morris (1885)
"The alternative proposal, to '' internationalise" these and every other ... To "internationalise " in the Pacific Ocean is simply to create an Alsatia. ..."

3. Quality and Internationalisation in Higher Education by Hans de Wit, Jane Knight (1999)
"That is to say, the motivation for an institution to internationalise is not included in the definition. A definition needs to be generic and to acknowledge ..."

4. International Trade in Professional Services: Advancing Liberalisation by Oecd, (Paris) Organisation for Economic Co-ope (1997)
"Its drive to internationalise higher education is a primary means to achieve ... It plans to internationalise higher learning and develop education as a ..."

5. The New Fiction: And Other Essays on Literary Subjects by Henry Duff Traill (1897)
"... referred at the outset of these remarks— I mean the resolute, nay, the desperate attempt which has been made of late years to' internationalise 'jokes. ..."

6. Modern Egypt by Evelyn Baring Cromer (1908)
"It will be sufficient to say that the object of the majority of the Powers was to internationalise rather than to neutralise the Canal, and that the British ..."

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