Definition of Italian Renaissance

1. Noun. The early period when Italy was the center of the Renaissance.

Generic synonyms: Age, Historic Period
Group relationships: Renaissance, Renascence

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Literary usage of Italian Renaissance

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. European Theories of the Drama: An Anthology of Dramatic Theory and by Barrett Harper Clark (1918)
"... DRAMATIC CRITICISM OF THE RENAISSANCE The Italian Renaissance, bringing with it as it did a re-birth of interest in the art and literature of antiquity, ..."

2. The Cambridge Modern History by Adolphus William Ward, George Walter Prothero (1907)
"The work accomplished by the Italian Renaissance claims the lasting gratitude of mankind. In the interval between the time of Petrarch and that of Leo X, ..."

3. Elizabethan Drama, 1558-1642: A History of the Drama in England from the by Felix Emmanuel Schelling (1908)
"... the influence of German 1 Einstein, The Italian Renaissance in England, 97, who quotes Calendar of State Papers, Venetian, iv, 287, and other sources. ..."

4. Renaissance and Modern Art by William Henry Goodyear (1908)
"Early Italian Renaissance. Siena. If we again turn to our question—why is it that the art of the Renaissance has assumed such proportions in ..."

5. A Source Book of Mediæval History: Documents Illustrative of European Life by Frederic Austin Ogg (1908)
"THE BEGINNINGS OF THE Italian Renaissance THE question as to when the Middle Ages came to an end cannot be answered with a specific date, or even with a ..."

6. The Practical Book of Architecture by Charles Matlack Price (1916)
"THE IMPORTANT PLACE OF Italian Renaissance ARCHITECTURE. ... In an earlier chapter it was shown how the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, ..."

7. Psychological Review by American Psychological Association (1896)
"The Florentine Painters of the Italian Renaissance, with an Index to their Works. By BERNHARD BERENSON. GP Putnam's Sons. 1896. ..."

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