Definition of Jack-tar

1. Noun. A man who serves as a sailor.

Definition of Jack-tar

1. Noun. (British) (alternative spelling of jacktar) ¹

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Literary usage of Jack-tar

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Naval Songs and Ballads by Charles Harding Firth (1908)
"JACK TAR. 1 Come, brave, honest Jack Tar, once more will you venture ? Press warrants they are out; I would have you to enter. Take some rich Spanish prize, ..."

2. The Antiquary by Edward Walford, John Charles Cox, George Latimer Apperson (1890)
"... three-gabled building, bearing the sign of the Jack Tar, is given on page 90, but it is now taken down. The great church of St. Nicholas, ..."

3. China and the Allies by Arnold Henry Savage Landor (1901)
"... special case—A day's free hand—The only punishment—A study of the looters —Tommy Atkins and Jack Tar—The friends at home—Good- hearted devils. ..."

4. Sporting Magazine edited by [Anonymus AC02751662] (1806)
"At Chester, May 1, 1804, JACK TAR won a Sweepstakes of 20gs each, (Four Subscribers) for three years old colts, 8st. 7lb. fillies, Sst. 4lb. once round the ..."

5. The Old Sea Captain by Old Humphrey, Religious Tract Society (1799)
"Scudding—Trade winds—A Jack Tar has affections in his heart— Captain Back leaves Liverpool-—Lake Superior—Fall of Kaka- ..."

6. The Monthly Chronicle of North Country Lore and Legend (1890)
"He lived during the whole of his life, and died, on Sandgate Shore, in Petrie's Entry, closely adjoining the well-known Jack Tar public-house. ..."

7. Good Words by Norman Macleod (1873)
"< ^OLL Y Jack Tar ! " That seems the fit •* term to characterize the class, and slips to the tongue easily. Who would say " solemn Jack Tar ! ..."

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