Definition of James Prescott Joule

1. Noun. English physicist who established the mechanical theory of heat and discovered the first law of thermodynamics (1818-1889).

Exact synonyms: Joule
Generic synonyms: Physicist

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Literary usage of James Prescott Joule

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Practical physics by Robert Andrews Millikan, Henry Gordon Gale, Willard R. Pyle (1922)
"... power is equivalent to 746 watts, or about | of a kilowatt. A kilowatt is almost exactly equal to 102 kilogram meters per second. James Prescott Joule ..."

2. Memoir and Scientific Correspondence of the Late Sir George Gabriel Stokes, Bart by Sir George Gabriel Stokes (1907)
"LETTERS FROM James Prescott Joule. DEAR MR STOKES, NEW BAILEY ST., SALFORD, MANCHESTER. July 24, 1847. I feel greatly obliged for your kind communication ..."

3. The Story of Nineteenth-century Science by Henry Smith Williams (1900)
"His name was James Prescott Joule. When posterity has done its final juggling with the names of our century, it is not unlikely that the name of this ..."

4. First Principles of Physics by Henry Smith Carhart, Horatio Nelson Chute (1912)
"James Prescott Joule (1818-1889), the son of a brewer, was born at Salford, England. He became known to the scientific world through his contributions in ..."

5. A History of the Growth of the Steam-engine by Robert Henry Thurston (1878)
"... communicate heat to both, retaining the James Prescott Joule. one portion at the original volume, and permitting the other to expand under a constant ..."

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