Definition of Japanese leaf

1. Noun. Erect or partially climbing herb having large green or variegated leaves.

Exact synonyms: Aglaonema Modestum, Chinese Evergreen
Group relationships: Aglaonema, Genus Aglaonema
Generic synonyms: Houseplant

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Literary usage of Japanese leaf

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Anglo-Japanese Gazette by Bodleian Library (1903)
"Prior to the establishment of the system, the stock of Japanese leaf in the United Kingdom—the only country to which it was exported—was usually about 15000 ..."

2. The Days of a Man: Being Memories of a Naturalist, Teacher, and Minor by David Starr Jordan (1922)
"... consisted of upwards of fifty different vegetable dishes representing nearly every kind of Japanese leaf, stem, root, or fruit which could be dried, ..."

3. Advance Japan: A Nation Thoroughly in Earnest by John Morris (1895)
"The light Japanese leaf, which is produced all over the southern provinces, lends itself admirably to cigarette-smoking, but for cigars it is not such a ..."

4. British Manufacturing Industries by George Phillips Bevan, Bevan, George Phillips, 1829?-1889 (1876)
"... can scarcely be got for less than 8d. per Ib. Even when the worst and driest qualities of Javanese or Japanese leaf are used, and water is the only ..."

5. The American Year Book: A Record of Events and Progress by Francis Graham Wickware, (, Albert Bushnell Hart, (, Simon Newton Dexter North, William M. Schuyler (1918)
"... Columbia on the flowering cherry from Japan; a new earwig which became established in the vicinity of Newport, RI; and the Japanese leaf-feeding beetle, ..."

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