Definition of Jean Piaget

1. Noun. Swiss psychologist remembered for his studies of cognitive development in children (1896-1980).

Exact synonyms: Piaget
Generic synonyms: Psychologist
Derivative terms: Piagetian

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Literary usage of Jean Piaget

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Making of the American Citizenry: An Introduction to Political Socialization by Michael P. Riccards (1973)
"Jean Piaget, The Origins of Intelligence in Children (New York: ... Jean Piaget, The Moral Judgment of the Child (New York: Free Press, 1965), p. 27. 12. ..."

2. End The Biggest Educational And Intellectual Blunder In History: A $100,000 by Norman W. Edmund (2005)
"There is even a Jean Piaget Society, which recently had a 25th anniversary symposium. I have read many comments on his work. ..."

3. The Experiences and Challenges of Science and Ethics: Proceedings of an by National Research Council (2003)
"Jean Piaget, the Swiss epistemologist and psychologist and his American follower Lawrence Kohlberg, both believe in the theory of growth and cognition and ..."

4. Advanced Methodological Issues in Culturally Competent Evaluation for edited by Ada-Helen Bayer, Frances L. Brisbane, Amelie Ramirez, Leonard G. Epstein (1998)
"The influential Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget apparently eschewed standardized assessment that might give insight into the cognitive activities of children ..."

5. Inventing a Classroom: Life in a Bilingual, Whole Language Learning Community by Kathryn F. Whitmore, Caryl G. Crowell (1994)
"Children involved in whole language, inquiry-centered learning are active constructors of their own knowledge, as Jean Piaget helps us understand. ..."

6. Paradoxes of Free Will by Gunther Siegmund Stent (2002)
"Jean Piaget. From Milton Schwebel and Jane Raph, eds. Piaget in the Classroom. Basic Books, New York. 1973. Francis Bacon. From The Works of Francis Bacon, ..."

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