Definition of John Philip Sousa

1. Noun. A United States bandmaster and composer of military marches (1854-1932).

Exact synonyms: March King, Sousa
Generic synonyms: Bandmaster, Composer

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Literary usage of John Philip Sousa

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Music (1897)
"BY John Philip Sousa. Perhaps there is no form of musical writing so little understood by the world at large—on one hand, so easy to accomplish in its trite ..."

2. University Musical Encyclopedia by Louis Charles Elson (1912)
"AMERICAN MUSICAL' TASTE BY John Philip Sousa Cosmopolitan Requirements—Growing Popularity of Good Music—What Makes the High-class Composition Popular ..."

3. Catalogue of the Allen A. Brown Collection of Music in the Public Library of by Allen Augustus Brown (1915)
"Music by John Philip Sousa. Vocal score. Cincinnati. The John Church Co. [1906.] N.389.51 The smugglers. A comic opera in two acts. Libretto by Wilson Vance ..."

4. Leaders of the 19th Century with Some Noted Characters of Earlier Times by Evelyn Harriet Walker (1900)
"... John Philip Sousa THE REVOLUTIONER OF MARCH MUSIC "Time, place and action, may with pains be wrought, Rut genius must be born, and never can be taught. ..."

5. The Stag Cook Book: Written for Men by Men by Carroll Mac Sheridan (1922)
"... u John Philip Sousa PELOTAS A LA PORTUGUESE "This serves from six to eight people and is my favorite dish." One quart can of tomatoes. ..."

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