Definition of Jonas Salk

1. Noun. United States virologist who developed the Salk vaccine that is injected against poliomyelitis (born 1914).

Exact synonyms: Jonas Edward Salk, Salk
Generic synonyms: Virologist

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Literary usage of Jonas Salk

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Calcutta Review by University of Calcutta (1844)
"Jonas Salk was born in Manhattan, New York City, in 1914, the eldest of three sons of a women's wear manufacturer. He was a precocious youngster with ..."

2. Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 1 by Katherine Scraper (2003)
"Present the pictures, emphasizing that a new vaccine was invented by Jonas Salk. Tell students that a vaccine is a medicine that prevents an illness. ..."

3. Emil Von Behring: Infectious Disease, Immunology, Serum Therapy by Derek S. Linton (2005)
"Jonas Salk continues to be a celebrated figure, even if his polio vaccine is a 2. Schadewaldt, "Behring, Emil von," p. 577; and Brock, Robert Koch, p. ..."

4. You Can Choose to Be Happy: "Rise Above" Anxiety, Anger, and Depression by Tom G. Stevens (1998)
"Thousands of scientists searched for a polio cure, but only Dr. Jonas Salk found it. Were the rest of their efforts wasted? Of course not. ..."

5. Truth and Consequences of the Genetic Revolution": Animal Pharm: Old edited by Lisa M. Matocq, Rachel Gibson (1996)
"As the story goes, Jonas Salk when he was asked whether he would patent the polio vaccine he said, "Well, why, no, would you patent the sun"? ..."

6. Science, Technology, and Government for a Changing World: The Concluding by Jimmy Carter (1993)
"... Sagasti Principal Investigator Grupo de Analisis Para el Desarrolo (Peru) Jonas Salk Founding Director Salk Institute for Biological Studies John Sawyer ..."

7. Nonfiction Matters: Reading, Writing, and Research in Grades 3-8 by Stephanie Harvey (1998)
"... introduced me to the Empire State Building, the Boeing 707, Dr. Jonas Salk, the grand opening of Disneyland, the Cold War, and Elvis Presley. ..."

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