Definition of Josip Broz

1. Noun. Yugoslav statesman who led the resistance to German occupation during World War II and established a communist state after the war (1892-1980).

Exact synonyms: Marshal Tito, Tito
Generic synonyms: National Leader, Solon, Statesman

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Literary usage of Josip Broz

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Communist Regimes in Eastern Europe by Richard Felix Staar (1982)
"... the Bulgarian Georgi Dimitrov, who offered Josip Broz- ... an underestimation by Stalin of the Yugoslav leadership and particularly of Josip Broz-Tito. ..."

2. Russia, the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe: A Survey of Holdings at the by Joseph D. Dwyer (1980)
"Josip Broz Tito, prilozi za biografiju (Belgrade, 1972). ... The Heretic: The Life and Times of Josip Broz-Tito (New York, 1957). ..."

3. An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord by Joseph Whitaker (1869)
"... and the Partisans under Marshal Josip Broz, commonly known as Marshal Tito. The latter emerged from the turmoil of the war years as the most potent ..."

4. The World and Yugoslavia's Wars by Richard Henry Ullman (1996)
"... eight main ethnic groups coexist within the federal structure forged by Josip Broz Tito at the end of World War II but that, with the passage of time, ..."

5. A Threat to "Stability": Human Rights Violations in Macedonia by Fred Abrahams (1996)
"Both were expelled in 1945 when the partisan leader Josip Broz Tito established the Socialist Republic of Macedonia as the southernmost part of the Yugoslav ..."

6. Under Orders: War Crimes in Kosovo by Fred Abrahams (2001)
"... was abused by bia within the federation—Yugoslav leader ethnic groups—and to check the power of Ser- aggressive nationalist Josip Broz Tito orchestrated ..."

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