Definition of Kenneth Grahame

1. Noun. English writer (born in Scotland) of children's stories (1859-1932).

Exact synonyms: Grahame
Generic synonyms: Author, Writer

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Literary usage of Kenneth Grahame

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Yellow Book: An Illustrated Quarterly (1894)
"... The Roman Road By Kenneth Grahame A",L the roads of our neighbourhood were cheerful and friendly, having each of them pleasant qualities of its own ..."

2. Authors and I by Charles Lewis Hind (1921)
"Kenneth Grahame IT was a mixed and versatile group of men that gathered around William Ernest Henley, in London, in the early nineties. ..."

3. The Classical Influence in English Literature in the Nineteenth Century: And by William Chislett (1918)
"Kenneth Grahame is the author of Pagan Papers, etc., and of a sketch, The Roman Road, in The Tel- low Book, vol. II.—Arthur Symons praises the "calm ..."

4. The Banker in Literature by Johnson Brigham (1910)
"XIX Kenneth Grahame 1856- NO one who has enjoyed the humor, good- natured satire and general outdoor ..."

5. The Bookman (1899)
"By Kenneth Grahame. F'cap 8vo, $1.25. A new volume of the "Golden Age" stories, ... By Kenneth Grahame. Third Edition. Uniform with " The Golden Age. ..."

6. Books and Persons: Being Comments on a Past Epoch, 1908-1911 by Arnold Bennett (1917)
"It is ten years, if I mistake not, since Mr. Kenneth Grahame put his name to anything more important than the official correspondence of the Bank of England ..."

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