Definition of Land of Opportunity

1. Noun. A state in south central United States; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Definition of Land of Opportunity

1. Noun. (idiomatic) A nickname for the United States. ¹

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Literary usage of Land of Opportunity

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Verbeck of Japan: A Citizen of No Country; a Life Story of Foundation Work by William Elliot Griffis (1901)
"... Ill IN THE Land of Opportunity IT was through the suggestion and invitation of his brother-in-law, Rev. George Van Deurs, backed by the Rev. ..."

2. The City of Detroit, Michigan, 1701-1922 by Clarence Monroe Burton, William Stocking, Gordon K. Miller, S. J. Clarke Publishing Company (1922)
"America has been to him the land of opportunity and his close application and superior ability have secured for him a position of great importance in ..."

3. The Story of Mexico: A Land of Conquest and Revolution Giving a by Charles Morris (1914)
"... A Land of Opportunity MEXICO, both as a province of Spain and as an independent republic, has gone through a long era of slow growth and development. ..."

4. A History of the United States for Grammar Schools by Reuben Gold Thwaites, Calvin Noyes Kendall (1918)
"America a land of opportunity. At the opening of the seventeenth century, ... This land of opportunity, such as had never before been opened to Europeans, ..."

5. Portland, Oregon, Its History and Builders: In Connection with the by Joseph Gaston (1911)
"... which has aptly been termed "the land of opportunity." Here where capability and industry constitute the forces of advancement, he has made substantial ..."

6. In the Clutch of Circumstance: My Own Story, by a Burglar by A burglar (1922)
"... CHAPTER IV IN THE Land of Opportunity ON the very same day that I landed in New York, I also secured work as a dish washer in a down town restaurant. ..."

7. The Work of the Rural School by Joseph Dupuy Eggleston, Robert Walter Bruère (1913)
"The state superintendent will educate the people at large to see that, while America has been called the land of opportunity, there is no opportunity except ..."

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