Definition of Leadership

1. Noun. The activity of leading. "His leadership inspired the team"

Exact synonyms: Leading
Generic synonyms: Activity
Specialized synonyms: Helm, Lead, Trend Setting
Derivative terms: Leader

2. Noun. The body of people who lead a group. "The national leadership adopted his plan"
Exact synonyms: Leaders
Generic synonyms: Body
Specialized synonyms: Rome, High Command, Supreme Headquarters
Derivative terms: Leader

3. Noun. The status of a leader. "They challenged his leadership of the union"
Generic synonyms: Position, Status
Derivative terms: Leader

4. Noun. The ability to lead. "He believed that leadership can be taught"
Generic synonyms: Ability, Power
Specialized synonyms: Generalship
Derivative terms: Leader

Definition of Leadership

1. n. The office of a leader.

Definition of Leadership

1. Noun. the capacity of someone to lead ¹

2. Noun. a group of leaders ¹

3. Noun. (dated) The office or status of a leader. ¹

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Definition of Leadership

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Leadership

1. The function of directing or controlling the actions or attitudes of an individual or group with more or less willing acquiescence of the followers. (25 Jun 1999)

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Literary usage of Leadership

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Phi Delta Kappan by Phi Delta Kappa (1912)
"The degree of their leadership is measured by the effects their work will have ... No leadership is so great as educational leadership in its influence upon ..."

2. The Social Welfare Forum: Official Proceedings ... Annual Forum by National Conference on Social Welfare, American Social Science Association, Conference of Charities (U.S., Conference of Charities (U.S.), National Conference of Social Work (U.S. (1920)
"What do we mean by community leadership ? In America we have many varieties. Extremes range from that of the small-calibre politician working incessantly ..."

3. Prevention Plus II: Tools for Creating and Sustaining Drug-Free Communities (1994)
"This form of leadership is, however, only one among many forms and is ... The essential ingredient for leadership is the possession of skills that help the ..."

4. Preventing Deadly Conflict edited by David A. Hamburg, Cyrus R. Vance (1998)
"The Need for Leadership Governments, international organizations, and even nongovernmental agencies or prominent individuals can provide the necessary ..."

5. Human Nature and the Social Order by Charles Horton Cooley (1922)
"What is it that gives leadership to some and denies it to others? Can we make out anything like a rationale of personal ascendancy? ..."

6. Papers and Proceedings by American Sociological Society Meeting, American Sociological Association (1917)
"THE DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL Leadership G. WALTER FISKE Oberlin Graduate School of Theology When a man begins to use the terms rural, urban, city, town, ..."

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"2 Leadership in the Superintendent. ANDREW W. EDSON, ASSOCIATE CITY SUPERINTENDENT, NEW YORK CITY. 1 HE most important obligation imposed upon him who ..."

8. Ancient Times, a History of the Early World: An Introduction to the Study of by James Henry Breasted (1916)
"SPARTAN Leadership AND THE DECLINE OF DEMOCRACY 617. Unfit- The long struggle of Athens for the political leadership of for'eadership tne Greek world had ..."

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