Definition of Learnings

1. Noun. (plural of learning) ¹

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Definition of Learnings

1. learning [n] - See also: learning

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Literary usage of Learnings

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Records of the Honorable Society of Lincoln's Inn: The Black Books by Lincoln's Inn (London, England), James Douglas Walker (1897)
"None of the persons from time to time enjoying these privileges shall pay any pensions, or shall be liable to exercise any learnings or fill any offices. ..."

2. Adaptation of Quality Function Deployment to Engineering & Construction DIANE Publishing Company, Thomas H. Oswald, James L. Burati, Jr. by DIANE Publishing Company, Thomas H. Oswald, James L. Burati, Jr. (1994)
"Appendix A Phase I Key Learnings The key learnings from the Phase I Feasibility Study (24) are tabulated below, for convenient ..."

3. Educational Method by National education association of the United States Dept. of supervisors and directors of instruction (1922)
"You will also see how important some of these attendant learnings are, and I believe you will agree with us that whether they are well learned depends in ..."

4. Education for Sustainability: An Agenda for Actionby Colleen McNerney, Norah Deakin Davis by Colleen McNerney, Norah Deakin Davis (1996)
"Educators have called for a set of essential learnings in environmental education that could be integrated into these standards. ..."

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