Definition of Madagascar cat

1. Noun. Small lemur having its tail barred with black.

Exact synonyms: Lemur Catta, Ring-tailed Lemur
Generic synonyms: Lemur
Group relationships: Genus Lemur

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Literary usage of Madagascar cat

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cyclopædia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia: Commercial by Edward Balfour (1885)
"... Civet cats, Genet cats, Marten cats, Pole cats, etc. ; the Lemur also is the Madagascar cat. The marsupial animals of Australia are known as wild cats. ..."

2. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"One of these is familiar as the "Madagascar cat* or- ring- tailed lemur (L. catta), since, unlike the rest, it remains upon the ground, especially about ..."

3. The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication by Charles Darwin (1899)
"Diet, of "• ' Zoology of the Voyage of the Madagascar cat is said to have a bach, 'Travels in New ..."

4. The Life of Animals: The Mammals by Ernest Ingersoll (1907)
"... or "Madagascar cat," gray, with the long tail ringed in black and white. Like the others, it is not scattered generally over the island, but lives only ..."

5. The Cambridge Natural History by Sidney Frederick Harmer, Arthur Everett Shipley (1902)
"Ring-tailed Lemur, or the "Madagascar cat" of sailors. Lemur macaco shows a remarkable sexual dimorphism, the male being black, and the female—formerly ..."

6. The Antananarvio Annual and Madagascar Magazine (1893)
"... seen in Mauritius and Bourbon, as well as in still more distant places, where it is commonly known by the rather absurd name of the "Madagascar cat" ! ..."

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