Definition of Managua

1. Noun. The capital and largest city of Nicaragua.

Exact synonyms: Capital Of Nicaragua, Nicaraguan Capital
Generic synonyms: National Capital
Group relationships: Nicaragua, Republic Of Nicaragua

Definition of Managua

1. Proper noun. The capital and largest city of Nicaragua ¹

2. Proper noun. A department of Nicaragua ¹

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Literary usage of Managua

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nicaragua: Its People, Scenery, Monuments, and the Proposed Interoceanic Canal by Ephraim George Squier (1852)
"TO THE CAPITAL CITT, Managua—LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY; HOW TO PROCURE A ... The choice was in many respects a good one ; Managua ..."

2. Thirsty Cities: Urban Environments and Water Supply in Latin Americaby Danilo J. Anton by Danilo J. Anton (1993)
"The Managua basin History The city of Managua is located in the large volcanic valley of central Nicaragua. It developed as a small Indian farming and ..."

3. History of the Pacific States of North America by Hubert Howe Bancroft (1882)
"Managua, 1857 et seq. Nicaragua, Message of the President of the United States on the ... Nicaragua, Prospecto de la Compañia de Diligencias. Managua, 1861. ..."

4. Ancient and Modern Engineering and the Isthmian Canal by William Hubert Burr (1902)
"A railroad connects Granada with the city of Managua, which is the ... A railroad connects Lake Managua at Momotombo with the Pacific port of Corinto: 329. ..."

5. Travels in Central America, Particularly in Nicaragua: With a Description of by Ephraim George Squier (1853)
"... to relieve the Legislative Assembly from the overawing political influence of the latter, designated the city of Managua as the place of its meeting. ..."

6. Central and South America by Augustus Henry Keane, Clements Robert Markham (1901)
"Lakes Managua and Nicaragua In the narrow volcanic zone there is no room for the development of large rivers, so that nothing except a few insignificant ..."

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