Definition of Mason and Dixon's Line

1. Noun. The boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania; symbolic dividing line between North and South before the American Civil War.

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Literary usage of Mason and Dixon's Line

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Civil Government in the United States: Considered with Some Reference to Its by John Fiske (1890)
"In later times, after all the states north of Maryland had abolished slavery, Mason and Dixon,s line became famous as the boundary between slave states and ..."

2. Four Years in Secessia: Adventures Within and Beyond the Union Lines by Junius Henri Browne (1865)
"They believed the country lying the other side of Mason and Dixon' s line, especially the Cotton States, the home of Refinement and Culture, ..."

3. The United States of America, 1765-1865 by Edward Channing (1896)
"Separating Pennsylvania from Maryland and Virginia, Mason and Dixon,s line at first divided the Northern Colonies, where agriculture was diversified, ..."

4. The Magazine of American History with Notes and Queries by John Austin Stevens, Benjamin Franklin DeCosta, Martha Joanna Lamb, Henry Phelps Johnston, Nathan Gilbert Pond, William Abbatt (1889)
"There are a great many, however, on both sides of Mason and Dixon s line, who think that the question is not settled, and who believe that the sooner the ..."

5. The Geology of Lancaster County by Persifor Frazer (1880)
"The largest and northwesternmost starts on Mason and Dixon' s line about J mile (400 meters) E. of the residence of Jas. Kidd. Its northern boundary from ..."

6. Pennsylvania Archives by Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Instruction, Pennsylvania State Library (1902)
"... south of that political equator called Mason and Dixon-s line; waiting for the infusion of that thrift which brings from mountain and valley the ..."

7. The United States as a World Power by Archibald Cary Coolidge (1908)
"... than it was threatened with a division into a northern and a southern half, separated from one another by the arbitrary Mason and Dixon,s line. ..."

8. The Congressional Globe by United States Congress, Francis Preston Blair, John Cook Rives, George A. Bailey, Franklin Rives (1857)
"In wriggling o associations, or perhaps, rather, in looki of Mason and Dixon s line after new • gentleman from Baltimore city, repress, ..."

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