Definition of Massiveness

1. Noun. An unwieldy largeness.

Exact synonyms: Bulkiness
Generic synonyms: Bigness, Largeness
Derivative terms: Bulky, Massive

2. Noun. The property of being large in mass.

Definition of Massiveness

1. n. The state or quality of being massive; massiness.

Definition of Massiveness

1. Noun. The property of being massive. ¹

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Definition of Massiveness

1. [n -ES]

Literary usage of Massiveness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Elements of Art Criticism: Comprising a Treatise on the Principles of Man's by George Whitefield Samson (1876)
"Asiatic taste, of which the Egyptian was the perfected ancient type, gloried in mere massiveness without the exterior adornment of beauty in detail. ..."

2. The Essentials of æsthetics in Music, Poetry, Painting, Sculpture and by George Lansing Raymond (1921)
"... and Nearness—Same Principle in Architecture—Resume— Massiveness or Touch Representing Mental Energy in Drawing—Painting—Sculpture—Architecture—Outlines ..."

3. America, Historical, Statistic, and Descriptive by James Silk Buckingham (1841)
"Striking Effect of the Massiveness of the whole. THE common schools of New-York are objects of great interest to those who feel the full importance of the ..."

4. Early Renaissance Architecture in England: A Historical & Descriptive by John Alfred Gotch (1901)
"... were simplicity of construction and massiveness of effect. In the less important houses the work was fairly plain : the newels were unornamented, ..."

5. A Tour of the Missions: Observations and Conclusions by Augustus Hopkins Strong (1918)
"... The massiveness and vastness of these temples demonstrate the power of the religious instinct in man, even when that instinct is most perverted. ..."

6. Essays on the Picturesque, as Compared with the Sublime and the Beautiful by Uvedale Price (1810)
"... however lofty they may be, however their summits may be broken and varied, have comparatively a poor effect, from the want of solidity and massiveness. ..."

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