Definition of Meccano set

1. Noun. A child's construction set for making mechanical models.

Exact synonyms: Meccano
Generic synonyms: Plaything, Toy
Language type: Trademark, Trademark

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Literary usage of Meccano set

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How to Teach Primary Number: A Course of Study and a Manual for Teachers by John Charles Stone (1922)
"James wanted a "Meccano" set costing $2.69. He has $1.85 in his bank. ... Mr. Barnes bought one of his boys a "Meccano" set costing $4.39 and the other an ..."

2. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1916)
"... es that draw beautiful designs, Cranes that lift heavy weights. „ . build- P , . Because each MECCANO set 1 • costs ** or *4°' is complete. ..."

3. Education by Project Innovation (Organization) (1921)
"Nearby, her brother of six was playing with his Meccano set. Although most of these stories were old to him, he felt impelled to move close to his father ..."

4. A Study of Some High School Seniors of Superior Intelligence by Dorothy Maud (Hazeltine) Yates (1922)
"When I was ten years old I was given a Meccano set. This interested me very much and when I tired of the twenty-four models described in the manual, ..."

5. Francis W. Parker School Studies in Education by Francis W. Parker School, Francis W. Parker School (Chicago, Ill.) (1918)
"Experimenting with the partially formed and suggestive materials of his Meccano set, the boy evolves Model No. 1, resulting in a distinct clarification of ..."

6. Modern Elementary School Practice by George Earl Freeland (1919)
"HS: Repaired an old motor that he already had, made a steam engine that would run, and is now working on a Meccano set for his younger brother. ..."

7. Project Work in Education by James Leroy Stockton (1920)
"The children use the Meccano set to make in the sand pan a quarry with derricks. Toy trains and tracks are brought from home to heighten the realism. ..."

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