Definition of Molisch reaction

1. Noun. Biochemical indicator of the presence of carbohydrates in a solution; if carbohydrates are present a violet ring is formed by reaction with alpha-naphthol in the presence of sulfuric acid.

Exact synonyms: Alpha-naphthol Test, Molisch Test, Molisch's Test
Generic synonyms: Indicator

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Literary usage of Molisch reaction

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Method for the Identification of Pure Organic Compounds by a Systematic by Samuel Parsons Mulliken (1904)
"APPLY THE Molisch reaction FIRST; THEN, IF THE RESULT SHOULD BE NEGATIVE, ... On account of the delicacy of the Molisch reaction it is very essential that ..."

2. Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1903)
"Those proteins which gave no Molisch reaction were also tested in larger quantity, but with perfectly negative results. ..."

3. Plantation Rubber and the Testing of Rubber by George Stafford Whitby (1920)
"... (Fehling's) solution after hydrolysis, or, directly, in alkaline solution. Gave the Molisch reaction after hydrolysis with 2o per cent ..."

4. Poisonous Proteins by Victor Clarence Vaughan (1917)
"Casein gives a very weak Molisch reaction, and casein residue a strong reaction; this may be due to tryptophane, but we think not, as the casein residue ..."

5. Studies in Puncture-fluids: A Contribution to Clinical Pathology by Oskar Cameron Gruner (1908)
"The Molisch reaction; the a-Naphthol Reaction.— The Molisch reaction consists in obtaining a violet colour with an alcoholic solution of a-naphthol in the ..."

6. A Text-book of Physiological Chemistry for Students of Medicine and Physicians by Charles Edmund Simon (1907)
"... N = 13.61-14.77, S + О = 30.49. There is but little loosely combined sulphur. The substance gives an intense Molisch reaction and is the only primary ..."

7. The Medical student's manual of chemistry by Rudolph August Witthaus (1906)
"the Molisch reaction. ... contains a carbohydrate component, and gives a brilliant Molisch reaction. Probably the only peptones which have been obtained as ..."

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