Definition of Monardella

1. Noun. A genus of fragrant herbs of the family Labiatae in the western United States.

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Literary usage of Monardella

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Botany by Geological Survey of California, William Henry Brewer, Sereno Watson, Asa Gray (1880)
"Monardella, Benth. Calyx tubular, narrow or elongated, 10 - 13-nerved, 5-toothed ; the teeth short, straight, and nearly equal ; the throat naked within. ..."

2. Pittonia by Edward Lee Greene (1905)
"NEW SPECIES OF Monardella. Before proceeding with the diagnoses of a considerable number of these fine ..."

3. Scientific Papers of Asa Gray by Asa Gray, Charles Sprague Sargent (1889)
"As to the species from which Mr. Bent- ham derived the generic name (Pycnanthemum Monardella, Michx.), I am by no means certain that it belongs either to ..."

4. The London Journal of Botany by Sir William Jackson Hooker (1844)
"(Monardella, Benth.) just coming into blossom. ... The P. Monardella of Elliott, according to his herbarium, is identical with that of Pursh. ..."

5. Leaflets of Botanical Observation and Criticism by Edward Lee Greene (1906)
"And while later authors have remanded the type of Monardella to an older genus, and an older species even, the name has been retained for what is now a ..."

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