Definition of Mount Ranier

1. Noun. A mountain peak in central Washington; highest peak in the Cascade Range; (14,410 feet high).

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Literary usage of Mount Ranier

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Poets and Poetry of Indiana: A Representative Collection of the Poetry of by Benjamin Strattan Parker (1900)
"Mount Ranier. FRANK W. HARNED. THOU glorious gem of grandeur infinite Wrought in the crown of Nature, boundless nurse, Upon thy brow is eloquently writ The ..."

2. Magazine of Western History by William W. Williams (1887)
"Our first view of Mount Ranier was much like our first of Mount Blanc at Chamouni, as the clouds lifted and revealed it to us in all its glory. ..."

3. Supreme Court Reporter by Robert Desty, United States Supreme Court, West Publishing Company (1917)
"1918, § 5223), to the original company to select certain public lands in lieu of an equal quantity within the Mount Ranier National Park, to be relinquished ..."

4. History of the Northern Pacific Railroad by Eugene Virgil Smalley (1883)
"... a tributary of the Yakima, to the Cowlitz River, and is about twelve miles to the southeast of Mount Ranier. The second pass leads from the ..."

5. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1897)
"The first of these is the upper slopes of Mount Ranier, in Washington, ... These two localities, Mount Ranier in Washington and the Grand Canyon of the ..."

6. Gardeners Chronicle, the Horticultural Trade Journal (1897)
"On Mount Ranier, with Abies amabili» and Abies lasiocarpa, it forms a large part of the forest growth, growing above the banks of glaciers in great ..."

7. Pictured Knowledge; Visual Instruction Practically Applied for the Home and by Eleanor Atkinson (1916)
"Mt. Ranier is reflected so completely because of its height, 14408 feet. It is 534 miles back of the iake. In Mount Ranier Nationai Park ^ , This is the ..."

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