Definition of Mylitta

1. Noun. Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of love and fertility and war; counterpart to the Phoenician Astarte.

Exact synonyms: Ishtar
Geographical relationships: Babylon, Assyria
Generic synonyms: Semitic Deity

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Literary usage of Mylitta

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The History of Herodotus: A New English Version, Ed. with Copious Notes and by Herodotus, George Rawlinson, Henry Creswicke Rawlinson, John Gardner Wilkinson (1889)
"Mylitta was properly " the mother of the child," and not Lucina ; but they easily became confounded. And not only do Mylitta and No. 1. ..."

2. A History of Ancient Sculpture by Lucy Myers Wright Mitchell (1883)
"But, as with most Semitic deities, there was a female half to Baal, evidently a variation on the Babylonian Mylitta. She was known in different parts by ..."

3. Anthropological Essays Presented to Edward Burnett Tylor in Honour of His by Barbara W. Freire- Marreco (1907)
"CONCERNING THE RITE AT THE TEMPLE OF Mylitta BY E. SIDNEY HARTLAND, FSA AMONG the religious rites of antiquity there was none more alien to modern feeling ..."

4. The History of Herodotus: A New English Version by Herodotus (1875)
"(Venus is called Mylitta by the Assyrians.) The silver coin may be of any size ; it cannot be refused, for that is forbidden by the law, since once thrown ..."

5. Exotic Moths by James Duncan (1858)
"SATURNIA Mylitta. PLATE XIV. Pig. 2. Phal. (Attacus) Mylitta, Drury'a Exot. ... A.—Bombyx Mylitta, Encyc. ¡là. THIS species, like several others of its ..."

6. Our Place Among Infinities: A Series of Essays Contrasting Our Little Abode by Richard Anthony Proctor (1876)
"It seems probable that Sham ash corresponded with the Sun ; Ishtar (Astarte or Ashtar) with the Moon ; Bel with Jupiter f ; Merodach with Mars ; Mylitta ..."

7. Encyclopaedia Americana: A Popular Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature by Francis Lieber, Thomas Gamaliel Bradford (1832)
"They dared not return home till some stranger had thrown into their lap the money, with these words, " I invoke for you the goddess Mylitta. ..."

8. The Gentile and the Jew in the Courts of the Temple of Christ: An by Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger (1862)
"He appears to have been a god of the heaven, of the light, and the fire; while Mylitta, like Anaitis, represented the deified element of water. ..."

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