Definition of N. Y. Stock Exchange

1. Noun. A stock exchange in New York.

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Literary usage of N. Y. Stock Exchange

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sudan, Oil, and Human Rights by Jemera Rone (2003)
"China's First Initial Public Offering on the NY Stock Exchange Backfires CNPC announced in April 1999 that it planned to begin selling shares to the public ..."

2. A Handbook of Stock Exchange Laws Affecting Members: Their Customers by Samuel P. Goldman (1914)
"A seat or membership in the NY Stock Exchange undoubtedly is property for certain purposes, but even then it is property of a peculiar nature. McCabe v. ..."

3. The Law and Practice in Bankruptcy Under the National Bankruptcy Act of 1898 by William Miller Collier, William Horace Hotchkiss, Frank Bixby Gilbert, Fred Eugene Rosbrook (1921)
"NY Stock Exchange (Ü. C., NY), 44 Am. BR 50, L'Oi) Fed. 26«. Effect of rules of exchange.—A stock- brokerage firm loaned stock that it liad purchased for a ..."

4. A Treatise on Federal Practice, Civil and Criminal: Including Practice in by Roger Foster (1920)
"731 (the NY Stock Exchange) ; Solinsky v. NY Stock Exchange, 260 Fed. 266, or chamber of commerce, Re Nei- mann, 124 Fed. 738 (the Milwaukee Chamber of ..."

5. Chicago Relief by Chicago relief and aid society (1871)
"MJ Schna- be -50 00 NY Stock Exchange 20000 00 Subscriptions at Tim^s Once 1066 36 Leggett & Storms, hotel keeper's donation .' 100 00 Otis Bros. ..."

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