Definition of Nicholas II

1. Noun. The last czar of Russia who was forced to abdicate in 1917 by the Russian Revolution; he and his family were executed by the Bolsheviks (1868-1918).

Generic synonyms: Czar, Tsar, Tzar

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Literary usage of Nicholas II

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Medieval and Modern Times: An Introduction to the History of Western Europe by James Harvey Robinson (1916)
"When Nicholas II succeeded his father, Alexander III, Nicholas II in ... ('825-'855) Alexander II (1855-1881) Alexander III 0881-1894) Nicholas II (1894- ..."

2. The Literary Digest History of the World War: Compiled from Original and (1920)
"That was perhaps the last day 6n which she felt that her tiny throne was really hers.50 CZAR Nicholas II, OF RUSSIA "When Nicholas II came to the Russian ..."

3. History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, from the Earliest Times Until the by Simon Dubnow (1920)
"The reign of Nicholas II. proved the most gloomy and most reactionary of all. ... During the first few months after the accession of Nicholas II. to the ..."

4. Outlines of European History by James Harvey Robinson, James Henry Breasted, Charles Austin Beard (1916)
"THE STRUGGLE FOR LIBERTY UNDER Nicholas II When Nicholas II succeeded his father, Alexander'III, in Nicholas n 1894,1 he was but twenty-six years old and ..."

5. History of Europe, Our Own Times: Our Own Times, the Eighteenth and by James Harvey Robinson, Charles Austin Beard (1921)
"THE STRUGGLE FOR LIBERTY UNDER Nicholas II 751. Autocracy under Nicholas II. When Nicholas II succeeded his father, Alexander III, in 1894,' he was but ..."

6. The Birth of the Russian Democracy by Arkady Joseph Sack (1918)
"CHAPTER VI The Revolutionary and Liberal Movement During the Early Years of the Reign of Nicholas II Nicholas II, the son of Alexander III, the last of the ..."

7. Modern European History by Charles Downer Hazen (1917)
"That the Nicholas II old system was being undermined was not, however, ... THE REIGN OF Nicholas II Alexander III died in 1894, and was succeeded by his son ..."

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