Definition of Njord

1. Noun. (Norse mythology) chief of the Vanir; god of the sea and winds and prosperity; father of Frey and Freya; sometimes subsumes Teutonic Nerthus.

Exact synonyms: Njorth
Category relationships: Norse Mythology
Generic synonyms: Norse Deity

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Literary usage of Njord

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Younger Edda: Also Called Snorre's Edda, Or the Prose Edda. An English by Snorri Sturluson (1880)
"She saw one man's feet that were wonderfully beautiful, and exclaimed: This one I choose! On Balder there are few blemishes. But it was Njord, from Noatun. ..."

2. Appleton's New Practical Cyclopedia: A New Work of Reference Based Upon the by George J Hagar (1910)
"... 15th into September, on a triangular space formed by the junction of the left bank of the Oka with the right bank of the Volga. Pop. (1907) 90053. Njord ..."

3. The Viking Age: The Early History, Manners, and Customs of the Ancestors of by Paul Belloni Du Chaillu (1889)
"Njord the successor of Odin—Frey succeeds Njord—A great temple built at ... ACCORDING to the sagas, after the death of Odin, Njord of ..."

4. Social Scandinavia in the Viking Age by Mary Wilhelmine Williams (1920)
"This latter reason seems to apply particularly to Njord, ... To Njord, as to Frey, the Northmen drank the banqueting horn for peace and plenty. ..."

5. Library of World History: Containing a Record of the Human Race from the (1914)
"Njord. " ' The third god,' continued Har, ' is Njord, who dwells in the heavenly region called Noatun. He rules over the winds, and checks the fury of the ..."

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