Definition of Opposition

1. Noun. The action of opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with. "Despite opposition from the newspapers he went ahead"

Exact synonyms: Resistance
Generic synonyms: Action
Specialized synonyms: Lockout, Reaction, Anti-takeover Defense
Derivative terms: Oppose

2. Noun. The relation between opposed entities.

3. Noun. The act of hostile groups opposing each other. "The invaders encountered stiff opposition"
Exact synonyms: Confrontation
Specialized synonyms: Strikebreaking
Generic synonyms: Resistance
Derivative terms: Confront, Confront, Oppose

4. Noun. A contestant that you are matched against.
Exact synonyms: Opponent, Opposite
Generic synonyms: Contestant
Derivative terms: Oppose

5. Noun. A body of people united in opposing something.
Generic synonyms: Body
Specialized synonyms: Inc, Iraqi National Congress

6. Noun. A direction opposite to another.

7. Noun. An armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force). "A soldier must be prepared to kill his enemies"
Exact synonyms: Enemy, Foe, Foeman
Group relationships: Enemy
Category relationships: Armed Forces, Armed Services, Military, Military Machine, War Machine
Generic synonyms: Adversary, Antagonist, Opponent, Opposer, Resister
Specialized synonyms: Besieger

8. Noun. The major political party opposed to the party in office and prepared to replace it if elected. "Her Majesty's loyal opposition"
Generic synonyms: Party, Political Party

Definition of Opposition

1. n. The act of opposing; an attempt to check, restrain, or defeat; resistance.

Definition of Opposition

1. Noun. The action of opposing or of being in conflict. ¹

2. Noun. An opposite or contrasting position. ¹

3. Noun. An opponent in some form of competition. ¹

4. Noun. (astronomy) The apparent relative position of two celestial bodies when one is at an angle of 180 degrees from the other as seen from the Earth. ¹

5. Noun. (politics) A political party opposed to the party or government in power. ¹

6. Noun. (legal) In United States intellectual property law, a proceeding in which an interested party seeks to prevent the registration of a trademark or patent. ¹

7. Noun. (chess) A position in which the player on the move must yield with his king allowing his opponent to advance with his own king. ¹

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Definition of Opposition

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Opposition

1. 1. The act of opposing; an attempt to check, restrain, or defeat; resistance. "The counterpoise of so great an opposition." (Shak) "Virtue which breaks through all opposition." (Milton) 2. The state of being placed over against; situation so as to front something else. 3. Repugnance; contrariety of sentiment, interest, or purpose; antipathy. 4. That which opposes; an obstacle; specifically, the aggregate of persons or things opposing; hence, in politics and parliamentary practice, the party opposed to the party in power. 5. The situation of a heavenly body with respect to another when in the part of the heavens directly opposite to it; especially, the position of a planet or satellite when its longitude differs from that of the sun 180 deg; signified by the symbol; as, The relation between two propositions when, having the same subject and predicate, they differ in quantity, or in quality, or in both; or between two propositions which have the same matter but a different form. Origin: F, fr. L. Oppositio. See Opposite. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Opposition

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Cambridge Modern History by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton Acton, Adolphus William Ward, George Walter Prothero, Ernest Alfred Benians (1909)
"The Opposition moreover gained not only in numbers but in strength; Orleanists and Liberals were defeated by Republicans and Democrats ; and out of ninety ..."

2. A Treatise of Human Nature by David Hume (1874)
"It can thus be no more determined by opposition to generous or sympathetic emotions than can these by opposition to hunger and thirst. ..."

3. The American Revolution by Sir George Otto Trevelyan (1905)
"The Opposition, poor souls who can do no harm, (the Dukes of Richmond, ... Opposition is growing ridiculous and contemptible, and 'tis now said that after ..."

4. Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education by John Dewey (1916)
"The Opposition of Duty and Interest. — Probably there is no antithesis more often ... The false idea of interest underlying this opposition has already been ..."

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