Definition of Papaver orientale

1. Noun. Commonly cultivated Asiatic perennial poppy having stiff heavily haired leaves and bright scarlet or pink to orange flowers.

Exact synonyms: Oriental Poppy
Generic synonyms: Poppy
Group relationships: Genus Papaver, Papaver

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Literary usage of Papaver orientale

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Studies in Heredity as Illustrated by the Trichomes of Species and Hybrids by William Austin Cannon (1909)
"The leaves, stem, and flower-stalk of Papaver orientale and of Papaver pilosum ... Papaver orientale. The leaves and the stem of the hybrid are well covered ..."

2. The Unity of the Organism; Or, The Organismal Conception of Life by William Emerson Ritter (1919)
"In Papaver orientale (52 a, b) and Papaver ... not the main factor in the out- turning of these tips characteristic of Papaver orientale (figure 52 a, b). ..."

3. Researches about Atmospheric Phaenomena by Thomas Forster (1823)
"The Monk's Hood Poppy Papaver orientale is just opening. ... Papaver orientale the Monk's Hood Poppy in flower in several gardens; also here and there a ..."

4. Photography: A Treatise on the Chemical Changes Produced by Solar Radiation by Robert Hunt (1852)
"But one remarkable instance of absolute dormancy induced by that agent, has occurred to me in the case of the Papaver orientale, a flower of a vivid orange ..."

5. The London Journal of Botany by Sir William Jackson Hooker (1844)
"I am unable, however, to confirm this, though in the above named plants, especially in Papaver orientale I have separated the papillae from one another, ..."

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