Definition of Pasiphae

1. Noun. (Greek mythology) daughter of Helios and mother of Ariadne.

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Generic synonyms: Greek Deity

Definition of Pasiphae

1. Proper noun. (Greek mythology) The daughter of Helios and the sister of Circe. She was raised as a princess at Cholchis, and then given in marriage to King Minos of Crete. With Minos, she was the mother of Ariadne, Androgeus, Glaucus, Deucalion, Phaedra, and Catreus. She was also the mother of the Minotaur. ¹

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Literary usage of Pasiphae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Crete in the Greek Tradition by Theodore Arthur Buenger (1915)
"G. Pasiphae Pasiphae, the daughter of the Sun,1 was, like the other children of Helios, under the displeasure of Aphrodite, because their father had ..."

2. History of Greece by George Grote (1854)
"He offended Poseidon by neglecting to fulfil a solemnly- made vow, and the displeased god afflicted his wife Pasiphae" with a monstrous passion for a bull. ..."

3. The Antiquities of Greece by Georg Friedrich Schömann (1880)
"... and its answer determined the ultimate decision with regard to them.5 We also hear of the Ephors keeping watch by night in the temple of Pasiphae,6 and ..."

4. Rome, Ancient and Modern, and Its Environs: And Its Environs by Jeremiah Donovan (1844)
"... found iu 1810 near the via Nomentana, and five female figures with their names of infamous celebrity, viz. Pasiphae , Scylla, Phaedra, Myrrha and ..."

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