Definition of Pop Art

1. Noun. A school of art that emerged in the United Kingdom in the 1950s and became prevalent in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1960s; it imitated the techniques of commercial art (as the soup cans of Andy Warhol) and the styles of popular culture and the mass media.

Generic synonyms: Art Movement, Artistic Movement

Definition of Pop Art

1. Noun. (arts) A genre of art that uses elements of popular culture; often uses techniques from commercial art and advertising ¹

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Literary usage of Pop Art

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dr. William Smith's Dictionary of the Bible: Comprising Its Antiquities by William Smith (1892)
"... bfen the first who vigorously assailed the pop- art. /)< ular opinion, in his Commentatio de ..."

2. Alison and Peter Smithson: From the House of the Future to a House of Today by Dirk van den Heuvel, Peter Smithson, Max Risselada, Beatriz Colomina (2004)
"In this context, Pop Art was usually defined as an early post-modern ... Putting the Smithsons into the category of Pop Art is, to some degree, justified. ..."

3. How to Teach Art to Children: Grades 1-6by Tanya Skelton, Joy Evans by Tanya Skelton, Joy Evans (2001)
"Display the Pop Art sculptures. Claes Oldenburg, born in 1929, ... Pop Art became popular during the late 1960s. Pop artists took familiar objects from ..."

4. The Urban Condition: Space, Community, and Self in the Contemporary Metropolis by Ghent Urban Studies Team (1999)
"... the Pop Art of the 1960s ostentatiously drew a link between commerce and art, between commodity and work of art. Andy Warhol had already worked as a ..."

5. Post Ex Sub Dis: Urban Fragmentations and Constructions by Aaron Betsky, Ghent Urban Studies Team (2002)
"... culture and its iconic representations (pop art), or, in the case of Ruscha, Smithson, and Graham, to the banality of the new urbanized landscape. ..."

6. Riches of the Forest: Food, Spices, Crafts and Resins of Asia by Citlalli López Binnqüist, Patricia Shanley (2004)
"Being fairly quick and easy to produce, pop art offers a quick economic return and has created work for a large number of minimally skilled carvers. ..."

7. Architecture of Instruction and Delight: A Socio-historical Analysis of by Pieter van Wesemael (2001)
"Whereas the aesthetics of pop-art and advertising had been in vogue around 1960, now the aesthetics of space travel with the corresponding interest in new ..."

8. Adventure Guide to Germany by Henk Bekker (2005)
"In addition to the original 350 Pop Art paintings, the museum also has a large collection of Russian avant-garde works, and a major collection of works by ..."

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