Definition of Raffaello Santi

1. Noun. Italian painter whose many paintings exemplify the ideals of the High Renaissance (1483-1520).

Exact synonyms: Raffaello Sanzio, Raphael
Generic synonyms: Old Master

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Literary usage of Raffaello Santi

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. History and Bibliography of Anatomic Illustration in Its Relation to by Ludwig Choulant, Mortimer Frank, Fielding Hudson Garrison, Edward Clark Streeter (1920)
"Raffaello Santi Raphael Santi (Sanzio), the most perfect painter of modern times, also an architect, was born in Urbino on March 28, 1483, on Good Friday; ..."

2. Notes on the Principal Pictures in the Louvre Gallery at Paris by Charles Locke Eastlake (1883)
"Raffaello Santi (Raphael), GG 1483-1520. Roman School. One stands resting his hand on the shoulder of his Portrait of Jeanne ..."

3. The new calendar of great men: Biographies of the 558 Worthies of All Ages by Frederic Harrison (1892)
"[EH] RAPHAEL (Raffaello Santi, or Sanzio), b. 1483, d. 1520. Raffaello SANTI was the son of Giovanni Santi (in Latin Sanctius, ..."

4. Notes on the Principal Pictures in the Louvre Gallery at Paris: And in the by Charles Locke Eastlake (1883)
"367 St. Margaret, by Raffaello Santi (Raphael), 1483- GG 1520. ... 368 Saint Michael, a small painting by Raffaello Santi SC (Raphael) of the winged St. ..."

5. Famous Italian Pictures and Their Story, with Sketch of the Artists by Frances Maria Stimson Haberly-Robertson (1912)
"Raffaello Santi RAPHAEL J. Addington Symonds calls Raphael one of the ... Raffaello Santi was born in the mountain city of Urbino, on Good Friday, 1483. ..."

6. Notes on the Principal Pictures in the Old Pinakothek at Munich by Charles Locke Eastlake (1884)
"1051 " The Madonna della Tenda" by Raffaello Santi C. M (Raphael), 1483-1520. Roman School. The Virgin, clad in a crimson robe, turquoise blue ..."

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