Definition of Richard Burton

1. Noun. English explorer who with John Speke was the first European to explore Lake Tanganyika (1821-1890).

2. Noun. Welsh film actor who often co-starred with Elizabeth Taylor (1925-1984).
Exact synonyms: Burton
Generic synonyms: Actor, Histrion, Player, Role Player, Thespian

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Literary usage of Richard Burton

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern by Edward Cornelius Towne (1898)
"... in shining presences, We can resume our smallness, nor imply In' mien or gesture what that memory is. Richard Burton. ..."

2. Contemporary Portraits by Frank Harris (1915)
"SIR Richard Burton RALEIGH, Sir Walter of that ilk, has always seemed to me the best representative of Elizabethan England; for he could speak and act with ..."

3. Poems of American History by Burton Egbert Stevenson (1908)
"Richard Burton. The importance of the new country grew so rapidly that on September 9, 1850, California waa admitted to the Union, the thirty-first state. ..."

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