Definition of Ringling

1. Noun. United States showman whose song-and-dance troop evolved into a circus (1863-1926).

Exact synonyms: Charles Ringling
Generic synonyms: Impresario, Promoter, Showman

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Literary usage of Ringling

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Theatre, the Drama, the Girls by George Jean Nathan (1921)
"§33 The Whimsical Ringling.—Each successive play of JM Barrie is, like each successive trip to the ..."

2. Adventure Guide to Tampa Bay and Florida's West Coast by Chelle Koster Walton (2003)
"THE Ringling ESTATE The best of Sarasota's attractions spreads out its circus ... John Ringling left the Ringling Center for the Cultural Arts to the state ..."

3. Report by Oklahoma Corporation Commission (1920)
"Application in this case asked for an increase of rates in the towns of Ringling, New Wilson, New Healdton, Wirt and Oil City of 5c per M. cubic feet on gas ..."

4. The Laws of Wisconsin by Wisconsin (1915)
"I'.l Relating to the illness of Albert Ringling, of Baraboo, Wisconsin. WHEREAS, Albert Ringling, the eldest of the celebrated ..."

5. Use of Biomass Energy by Non-Forest Product Facilities: Case Study by DIANE Publishing Company (1993)
"BACKGROUND/PROJECT DESCRIPTION The land around Ringling is excellent for dry land wheat and barley farming and cattle ranching. A main line of the Milwaukee ..."

6. Claudine the Circus Woman by Timothy J. Quinlan (2000)
"I don't know where the malt liquor tradition got started in the circus. Franco, that idiot from Ringling, used to tell me that even John ..."

7. Florida: Gulf Coast by Don Philpott (2003)
"941/388-4444 Ringling Museum of Art (Bay Shore Road, Sarasota) is also the State Art Museum of Florida and houses one of the ..."

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