Definition of Sacramento sturgeon

1. Noun. Food and game fish of marine and fresh waters of northwestern coast of North America.

Exact synonyms: Acipenser Transmontanus, Pacific Sturgeon, White Sturgeon
Generic synonyms: Sturgeon
Group relationships: Acipenser, Genus Acipenser

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Literary usage of Sacramento sturgeon

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1920)
"The white, Oregon or Sacramento sturgeon (A. transmontanus*), is a still larger species, reaching a length of 13 feet and a weight of 1000 pounds, ..."

2. The Americana: A Universal Reference Library, Comprising the Arts and Frederick Converse Beach, George Edwin Rines by Frederick Converse Beach, George Edwin Rines (1912)
"... the Sacramento River, and more or less widely elsewhere. The salmon is the quin- nat (qv). The Sacramento sturgeon is the white sturgeon (see STURGEON). ..."

3. American Food and Game Fishes: A Popular Account of All the Species Found in by David Starr Jordan, Barton Warren Evermann (1902)
"The white sturgeon, also known under several other names, among which may be mentioned Columbia River sturgeon, Sacramento sturgeon, and Pacific sturgeon, ..."

4. American Fishes: A Popular Treatise Upon the Game and Food Fishes of North by George Brown Goode, Theodore Gill (1903)
"... whereas the Delaware product sold for 60 cents, and the Southern Atlantic for 50 cents per pound." The " Sacramento sturgeon " or " Oregon Sturgeon ..."

5. Migratory Fishes of South America: Biology, Fisheries and Conservation Status by Joachim Carolsfeld, World Bank, World Fisheries Trust (2003)
"White sturgeon (also known as Pacific sturgeon, Oregon sturgeon, Columbia sturgeon, and Sacramento sturgeon) are the largest freshwater fish in North ..."

6. A Check-list of the Fishes and Fishlike Vertebrates of North and Middle America by David Starr Jordan, Barton Warren Evermann (1896)
"... 3U9.353 Sacramento Cat 233 Sacramento Chub 247 Sacramento Perch 354 Sacramento Pike 247 Sacramento Salmon 290 Sacramento sturgeon 226 Sacramento Sucker ..."

7. Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission by United States Fish Commission (1890)
"... or Sacramento sturgeon as it is variously called, although this industry is not yet conducted upon so extensive a ..."

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