Definition of Sorex cinereus

1. Noun. Commonest shrew of moist habitats in North America.

Exact synonyms: Masked Shrew
Generic synonyms: Shrew, Shrewmouse

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Literary usage of Sorex cinereus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science by Kansas Academy of Science (1868)
"... and Ecology The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 66045 ABSTRACT The first recorded specimen from Kansas of a long-tailed shrew (Sorex cinereus ..."

2. Journal Or the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1834)
"SOREX cinereus. The Cinereous Shrew. Characters. Small feet; eyes small but visible; ears not perceptible; dark iron gray above, and silver gray beneath. ..."

3. Fire Effects Information System: User's Guide by William C. Fischer, Melanie Miller, Cameron M. Johnston, Jane K. Smith (1998)
"... and masked shrew (Sorex cinereus) [36,46,48] . Mammals feeding in saltmarshes but denning elsewhere include beaver (Castor canadensis), red fox (Vulpes ..."

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